Thursday, April 11, 2024

To Chemainus

Wednesday was lovely and bright, and it was warm in the afternoon, but just like so many of my days, yesterday I did nothing that was worthy of reporting. I read, I puttered, we walked, we ate and we went to bed early. 

The only interesting thing that happened was that I heard from Leslie. She wrote to say that she waws in Duncan, on the big island, and that she wanted to make contact with me because she has a rose bush for me, so I called her on FaceTime and I was able to catch her. As a result of that call, I’m heading off to Chemainus this morning to meet her.

But that’s not the interesting thing; what really captured my heart and mind was seeing her dad. It’s his 100th birthday today. At 2:30, the Canadian Air Force is doing a fly-over in his honour, and the Legion has organized a grand fete at which he’ll be given letters from the Prime Minister and Governor General. What thrilled me, was Don’s energy and joy.

When he heard my voice on Leslie’s phone, he called out to me, and he said such warm, wonderful and moving things to me. I believe he loves me because I love his daughter and I have been her devoted friend since 1974.

Don joined the armed forces as a very young lad. He lied about his age when he enlisted, and he went directly into training to be a pilot. During the war, he was shot down over the North Sea, and he was taken prisoner by the Germans.  He. Has stories that captivate and that shock. He’s an amazing guy whom I greatly admire. And one hundred years old!!!

In a short while, Her Highness and I will leave for the big island and a drive down to Chemainus. ON the way home, I’ll pass by some nurseries, so….

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