Thursday, December 3, 2015

Food / Courses / Birthday

Beth took this photo of me using Xmas
ornaments for earrings.

Beth took me to Bishop’s for a birthday dinner Wednesday night. They gave us a window seat, which was very nice. And we both had the same meal: Scallops with a medley of beans and octopus. It was light and delicious.

The only down side to the evening was coming home and getting an email from Beth saying she had lost her brand new necklace that she got just yesterday from Circle Craft on Granville Island.
Costin, the guy who comes here every two weeks to work on my fish tank never fails to charm me. He is a warm happy guy whose visits always make me happy. He is one of those wonderful young people who engage with personality, regardless of age.

He loves to cook and so when he came yesterday, without having thought of it ahead of time, I found myself asking him if he’d be interested in taking some cooking courses at The Dirty Apron Cooking School that is run by one of my preferred restaurants—and he said yes.

This morning, I have awakened to an enthusiastic email from him so I am very happy to have found, not just someone, but a fellow foodie with whom to take some classes. Being Mr. Shy, I was discouraged from going alone and being partnered with a stranger.
Last this afternoon, I will go to see the movie Brooklyn with dear friends John & Bunny. I proposed that we go because I have “a thing” for Irish writers—and Colm Toibin in particular—and I have read the book. But surprise: J & B are going to take me out for dinner for my birthday.

And tomorrow night—the night of my actual birth date—I am going to Miku restaurant with David and Bryan. I was terribly impressed with this restaurant the last time I went. I think it should be far more celebrated.

I have an uncomfortable sense that the absence of Miku’s name from “best restaurant” lists has me suspect it is due to an absence of flamboyance or media savvy on the part of the owners/chef and/or the fact that it is Japanese cuisine because it is a spectacular place to eat—fabulous flavours, brave choices and exquisite presentation.

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