Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Summer Day in Winter

Get a coffee and come back to look at this post. There are a lot of photos with lots of detail.  Relax and click on the first image and then use your arrow key to scroll through the rest of the photos. I took all of them today on my walk along the seawall.

Winter can be beautiful in Vancouver—especially on a warm day (15°) right after a series of storms. I was only wearing a t-shirt and had to keep my rain coat open to stay cool. It was an treat today; there was barely a soul on the wall.

Can you see the water dripping down?
The earth was overflowing everywhere after the recent
storms. There were many waterfalls along the seawall.

That root is almost purple.
I love the composition of this shot. I love the little
islands of moss and the subtle lushness of the colours.

See the fly?

I hav a feeling a series of photos of puddles coming on.
I'm sure this is a member of the Daphne family.
It is very fragrant; stunning in winter.

Signs of Spring already!

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