Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shake Up

I have not felt wide-eyed terror for as long as I can remember but I did last night.

Last night I was binge watching BBC's The Hour. (I absolutely love Ben Whishaw, the lead.) SO I stayed up rather late (for me) and was not sliding into the sheets until 11:30. Leon had just made his way up the bed and under the covers to curl up close to me. Then the who 15-storey building I live in started shaking.

It was an earthquake and I knew it.

It didn't last long but I lay there with eyes wide open and Leon trembling. I got up and went online but I could not find anything except that going to the earthquake reporting site, I got the message that the site was unavailable to do the amount of traffic. So I knew what it was.

Would there be another one—a worse one? I live on the seventh floor of a concrete building. I was really scared for a while, but eventually I fell asleep.

When I got up this morning, I was stunned that news of the quake is not headline news. There is nothing (so far) on the Vancouver Sun website, nor is there anything on the Georgia Straight site. But I found the news I wanted on the Quake site I could not access last night.

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