Monday, December 21, 2015

Good Friends

Noah, Dwight and Brad.
Me the the Koss posse. I went to dinner with my spiritual brother, Dwight plus Dwight's real brother, Brad, who is visiting from Japan, and Dwight's son, Noah and I loved it. Below is the ramen we had. It was delicious.

I love this shot. I took it this morning as the sun somehow shone through the clouds to light up the tops of the condo buildings in my neighbourhood. It was truly a golden start to the day.

Today (Monday) I am excited because I am going to bake a new kind of cake and use a bunt pan for the first time.

I read a lot of gingerbread recipes and all the comments of those who made them and then decided on my own version—an amalgam of my reading. I plan to serve it unglazed, just sprinkling it lightly with icing sugar and mildly maple flavoured whipping cream and I am hoping to ring it with little holly leaves with berries. If you're gay—go with it!

For the main, I am serving a vegetable pie that I hope will look and taste good. The recipe is from Ruby Tandoh, my pal from the Great British Baking Show. It is layers of eggplant, carrot and chard with plenty of sesame seeds (and I am going to add some butternut squash).

Stay tuned…..

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