Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Counting Down to B-Day

My beloved Leon came and sat under my
desk lamp in the dark of 5:00 am this cool
morning, so I snapped this shot of him.

It's my birthday on Friday, so with Beth here we will go to Bishop's tonight. I hope to pay my own way. I am thoroughly happy to pay my own way at my birthday dinners so that I can go to places of elegance and exquisite food.

Tomorrow I am going to a movie matinee of Brooklyn. ( love Toibin and have read the book, plus I have heard good things about it. I am going with good friends John & Bunny. Every great birthday celebration when I was a kid included a movie and popcorn with your best friends.

Friday night, my actual birthday, David and Bryan and I will be going to Miku a fabulous Japanese restaurant with astounding flavours and presentations.

And Costin, my fish consultant and a lovely man, is interested in taking some cooking classes at The Dirty Apron cooking school with me. I have been keen to take classes but not to share a cooking station with someone I don't know, so with Costin for company I will love taking courses from this school that is attached to a restaurant I really like—Chambar.

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