Sunday, December 13, 2015

Justin !

This is a photo taken and published in the paper of  me and
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau shaking hands. I got him a
date with Ann Mortifee and gave him a wooden truck toy
(made by a local craftsperson) for his new son, Justin.
Don't you LOVE those glasses!
His son, Justin now. He is our current and new Prime Minister.

When asked why it was important to have a gender-balanced cabinet as an objective on the eve of his stunning election as our new prime minister, he said: “Because it’s 2015.”

When he and his ministers were sworn in he touched his forehead to the forehead of his mother and certain of his new ministers and looked at them in the eye with a touching depth. It was the action of a warm, deep-feeling and sincere human being, not a politician.

When our new, handsome and very tall prime minister met the queen, it was the second time because he is the son of a former prime minister. So, when he met her after his election and she commented on his height, he said to Her Majesty: “You seemed a lot taller when I met you the first time.”

But yesterday, seeing him in shirtsleeves at Pearson Airport welcoming Syrian refugees and giving them warm coats has put us very, very proudly centre stage in the New York Times and the world. 

The quick action on welcoming Syrians, starting the official inquiry into the missing Aboriginal women, a doctor heading the Health Ministry, a soldier heading the Military ministry, a commitment and an acknowledgement of climate change, freedom to speak for government scientists restored…. All this within weeks of being sworn in. One wonders what awaits us from this man.

I had no feeling either way about him as he campaigned. I thought he was destiny’s child. But by action, he has made me very proud of him and to be Canadian.

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