Monday, December 14, 2015

Back to the Kitchen

This is the best cheese I have ever had. It is creamy smooth and has a tinge of blue in its crust. Without a taste of crust, it is mild and smooth. I asked the vendor (Oyama Sausage in the Granville Island Market) what it was because it is categorized neither on the label or in the store. He said it was a cheese blend but that I could say it was "a camembert."

The dark ones are gingerbread; the others are Sugar cookies.
They taste fine. It's the decorating that is really hard. 

Yesterday was spent baking cookies using the dough I made Saturday that had cooled overnight in the fridge. I invited Dwight and his daughter, Natalia, to come over for a cookie decorating party in the late afternoon, and then we all went out for sushi. 

Icing with Royal Icing is really hard. It takes a steady hand and I am too shaky to do a great job. This is only my second try at roll cookies with Royal Icing and precision takes lots of practice. I am up for it. I am going to keep at this until I can decorate far better.

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