Wednesday, December 27, 2017

All is Calm in Pinecone Park

As soon as Chris, Frani, Terry and Sandy arrived yesterday I had a seizure. I was shocked and disappointed. I keep forgetting about living it here on my own; my isolation allows me to believe it’s all over.
But it isn’t. I violated the “no more than two people at a time” rule. But what can I do? Besides, once it’s over I relax and my speech is always much better. We had a really wonderful visit. Chris and Frani and I have been really good friends since 1975. I was really happy with how well it went — largely due to cooking and eating while the animals napped.
The past few weeks have been practical. It’s said that God is in the details and I’m really pleased with scores of little things I’ve done, none of which are of much significance, but together they’ve added a deeper level of pride and comfort in my place and sense of belonging…
… Like labeling the breakers so I know which circuits they serve and getting kindling stored inside the house and a wood holder beside the fireplace so lighting the fire in the morning is easy.
… And learning how to make toast at Pinecone Park: You start with the butter: You take a spatula and spread some thinly over the surface of a plate and you put the plate on the dining room table. Then, while the cats lick the plate clean, you make your toast. And by the time you’re finished eating it the cats are just finishing and they’ve stayed out of my food and face.
… And if you can believe this: I have five containers for waste in the house, five more in the garage and a heap behind the shed where everything goes that I will pay to have hauled away when all the construction is finished.  I finally have waste management under control.
… And creating a “cold room.” When I was a kid, every kitchen had a cupboard with a little tiny window to the outdoors in the back that had mesh on it. That cupboard was used to store things best kept cool but better not refrigerated. We’d keep butter, bread, vegetables and jams and jellies in it. I use one of my guest rooms in much the same way. The heat is off, I keep the door closed and the window is a hair ajar. It’s a perfect environment for keeping many foods fresh.
Today I’m chilling. It’s snowing — barely. Sheba and I might take a walk and I’ll work on Mertz Manor. And there’s a chance Leslie and her Dad might drop by for a visit.
When I took Sheba out with me to fetch some wood, she suddenly barked like a dog not a puppy. It was deep and loud and sharp unlike anything I’d ever heard from her before. She was frightened and focused on the empty lot next door. I’ll bet she saw or heard a deer and it freaked her out.
The bark helped me see how much she’s changed and how quickly she’s maturing.

Look at that! Do I need this for Pinecone Park or what?!

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