Monday, December 18, 2017

Banking Blues and Blue Toes

Whoa!! All the toes on my right foot are grossly swollen and purple. But walking today is much better than yesterday. I won’t need a cane today when I go to Vancouver.
I’d put tape on the step of my deck to help me see it but Sheba tore it up and so I missed the step and belly flopped onto the lower deck Sunday afternoon. I got up and immediately started seizing. I got to the couch somehow to let the seizure play out there. I can’t believe I got to the couch; I can’t remember getting there. But I’m glad I did because it was a wonderful comfortable place to “wake up” and go through the aftermath of the seizure.
Then, once I was feeling better I got up and discovered how badly my right foot, knee and hip hurt. The rest of the day was spent moving very slowly and as little as possible. The kids were great and we all went to bed early.
Sunday was a really beautiful day in a very wintry way. Although it was fiercely wet, the thin fog gave an eerie but not unfriendly presence to the forest. I stoked the fire and kept it hot so it was cozy warm when I came in from getting wood or walking Sheba. The key word is “cozy;” that’s the feeling that constantly comes to mind because of the log walls and the fireplace.
The issue with the bank forced me to realize how much money I’ve spent over the move. I furnished this house and the studio, renovated the studio completely, bought some expensive pets and build an expensive fence. Plus I spent thousands moving and thousands more on my water system. It’s made me re-consider the sunroom but I’m going ahead with it. Once it’s done, the spending will stop and I’ll find out where the local food bank is.
My financial advisor, Nancy, has alerted my bank manager to my situation — the frozen account — and I sent him an email stating my horror and confusion about the situation. He should be in touch today to help resolve this problem and explain why it was done. But I am on the road today.
I’m going to Vancouver to see Dr. S. I can pay for my ticket because a Vancity manager authorized me to have access to ten grand in spite of the “freeze” on the account.
There’ll be no heated tile floor in the studio after all. It’s too expensive and I’ve the wood stove and carpets anyway. Besides, the spending has to stop (except for the sunroom).
 I’m off, by seaplane, to Vancouver. First I meet John and Bunny for breakfast, then I see Dr. S. and then I meet Dwight for a quick visit and then I come home and I’m done with Vancouver until January 2nd.

A Venn diagram about Santa.

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