Monday, December 4, 2017


This stunning moss was going where Patsy and I
walked today. 
The new Pine planking is on my north studio wall.

Today was my 70th birthday. Imagine: Seventy!
I had lunch with Patsy and went for a lovely walk with Sheba along a road I’d not seen before. It was cold today, and lightly overcast but bright and lovely. My best present was seeing the work Darrell did today in the studio. I love the Pine tongue-and-groove planks. I’ve been fondling the walls already. And we agreed today to do the floor in another colour.
How, other than by having lunch with Patsy, did I celebrate my birthday? I dug out my fire pit. (It’s useless because during the months you might want to use it there’s always a ban on campfires.) And I bought myself two planters into which to plant my hardy Gardenias.
This morning I replied to my friends John and Bunny, where I always go for Christmas, and said I was regrettably not coming. I also declined an invitation to attend a memorial service for a cousin.  Think of me as a Norse God: Chris the Decliner.
It’s part of my continuing adaptation to life with C-PTSD. I’ve faced the facts: Although I can’t speak except with friends, it’s only when I’m with friends that I have seizures. (I had two with Dwight.) It’s quite a conundrum. The compromise is to primarily see people here.
I have a high-arching lamp coming that I can put behind my chaise or my plush chair for reading and when it comes my project will be to get comfortable during the holidays with my pile of unread New Yorkers.
Today was about rest. Tomorrow I’m going to Vancouver.
And speaking of rest: Ethel is looking very good today. I saw her and Freddy curled up together napping this afternoon, too. That was heartening because they’ve not been getting along since her surgery. She must have had to be tough to get him to leave her in peace when she came home from the surgery and so he became nervous and distrustful. But now, tranquility is restored in our family.
They and Sheba bring unparalleled joy into my life. Happy birthday to me.

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