Sunday, December 31, 2017

Deer Me!

I’m just stinking excited. This morning a Deer came into the yard right outside my window. Their beauty captivates me; their big eyes and gentle rounded faces make them irresistibly cute. So I got some apples out of my fridge and threw a couple out and then another one came out of the woods. (I’m trembling with excitement typing about it.)
A golden radiant Thrush, the first I’ve ever seen here, came next and, at the same time, a Pileated Woodpecker. There were Jays, a Flicker and, of course, the usual Chickadees, Sparrows and Towhees. What a way to end the year and what an omen for the incoming one!
Yesterday, I met Jay for breakfast and did errands around the house and yard. Mostly I just frittered away time playing with the animals and husbanding the fire. It was a sunny but chilly day. The fire of bark snapped and popped and made this place as warm as a sauna inside. Outside, the unhindered sunshine reflected off the snow and made the day exceptionally bright.
In four more days I get the delivery date for the tiles — when they come, Darrell will return to work and this stage will complete the renovations. Then I get to move in. I’m very excited about that; I’ve never ever had a studio.
I melt even looking at her photo. My ideal companion.
My favourite sight is her butt ahead of me on the trail.
The Aspen grove is such a delight to encounter in the centre
of the forest. It is so bright in the grove.

The best part of the day, easily, was going for a walk. I was not into it. I did it to tire Her Highness. But, as usual, once I get on the trail and hear the water gurgling in the stream beside it and see the Aspen grove, I’m hooked. I get blissed out by Momma Nature.
Mission accomplished: Finally and completely. I can now read the water gauge; it’s working and paid for. Now and forever I can know the level of the water in my cistern. I’ll never run out of water again. I may have to top up my cistern with purchased water in the summer, but I will know in advance.
I just have to watch the gauge. I also have to learn when and how to change the filters which clean my water. All four have a limited life span and are on different cycles. Yes, between the water system, power failures and garbage management, Paradise comes at a price.  
Today: More tidying and cleaning.
I’m an obsessive and I can’t get to work on Mertz Manor (making a mess) until I get everything in order in the house and yard. I have to pick up the poop in the yard, clean the windows where Sheba scratches to get in and out and pick up all the animal detritus all over everything before I can go to work.
I vacuum the entire house after I load in the wood I need for the day, I feed the birds and fill all the indoor water containers for the pets, I wash all the dishes, make my bed and take Sheba for a walk before I can start and concentrate on what I’m doing.
I also have to write for at least an hour; ideally more than that before I get my hands dirty making things. I’m addicted to writing in the morning. And here, it’s better then anywhere I’ve ever had to work before. I see Deer here.

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