Sunday, December 3, 2017

Yay: Ethel Improves!

I’m overjoyed —Ethel is much better. And thank God. I was so worried this morning at 3:00 am. She’d been vomiting everything she drank or ate since she came home, but there was a miraculous turn around this morning. I gave her some pureed Tuna and soon after she was up and about and even chasing string. Relief is a wonderful feeling.
The other reason I’m overjoyed is that I’ve got my tree coming — a stunning red Arbutus that’s dying of Blight but is still red and has tremendous shape. It’s on Jay’s land. He’s been cutting down the infected trees and limbs so I’m getting a small infected tree that he’s culling before it turns black.
I want to lightly oil and mount the tree in doors and near my loft. I hope the cats can use to climb and explore in my upper space.
Saturday Dwight and I went into town to have breakfast. Afterwards he got my patio heater working. Then he went for a walk in the rain while the pets and I napped. Before he left, he was able to see a magnificent Pileated Woodpecker and a truly glorious Flicker at my feeders; now that they’re so much closer we got a great view of my visitors.
In the afternoon we went into the village to check out the thrift store and then came home and watched a couple of episodes of Grand Design. Then Dwight made dinner, we ate, we watched a movie and then we turned in (early).
This morning — a decent one, by the way — we met Jay, Kelly and Robin for breakfast. Then Dwight and I went with Robin’s to see her house. It’s just spectacular and ideally sized for one person. And she has a Springer Spaniel named Seven who’s to-die-for cute. I never left Seven alone.
Then we all went to Jay’s place where I saw the Arbutus Jay’s going to give me and Dwight saw Jay’s orchard and villa. And we were able to see my former pool table installed in his huge play room over the garage. But the best thing that happened at Jay’s, by far, was going into his garage and finding a Towhee trapped inside. I was able to catch it, calm it and release it; it was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had in ages — actually touching (to help) a frightened and trapped wild bird.
Then it was time to say goodbye to Dwight. Thank goodness I had Sheba, Fred and Ethel to console me when I got home. He had a great time though, so perhaps it will be easy to get him to come back.
Then it was Sunday night, my favourite night of the week to be at home. It was lovely to be cozy and warm on a bright cold night and see Ethel looking so much better.

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