Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pinecone Project

        • Peduncle: Stem, branch attachment
        • Rachis: Axis on which scares grow
        • Scales: "Leaves;" growths off Rachis
        • Bract Scales: Secondary lower "leaf" found beneath the scales
        • Umbo: Distal-most portion of scales; first year's growth
        • Apophysis: Proximal portion of scales; all other growth
        • Prickle: Sharp spike sometimes found at end of Umbo
        • Deciduous: Sheds scales
        • Resinous: Contains sap.

I’m going to decorate the side of my fence that faces the entrance to my yard with pinecones so Saturday I started sorting my gallons of them and built a drying rack for them out of wood and Styrofoam that encased some of the furniture I bought. I’m going to create a fitting entrance for Pinecone Park.
I’m pretty sure one of the stores here has glue sticks. I sure hope so. I’m going to need a lot of hot glue — maybe I can use nails.
This is when I stop and take a moment to thank God I’m creative.
I hit the boredom wall you see. Now that everything is working and because it’s winter and I can’t spend endless hours every day outdoors, I need something to do. Sadly, I’ve lost my appetite for reading; I’ve driven to be active and this pinecone project is perfect because I can be indoors planning and drying them or outdoors attaching them to the fence.
I’m going to try to affect them in some way too. I’m going to try bleaching, staining and dying them. Whatever I do will be on the north face of the fence so any pigment I might use will not fade too quickly. And then there’s glitter — I’m kidding!
I wish I had the studio to work in. I’d have acres of space for drying racks and a huge table on which to make designs but I can’t wait. I’m too excited about having something to do.
I absolutely love this pinecone motif for my life. It came naturally from the yard. I think I need to make cards and stationary for Pinecone Park too. Children’s books, maybe a TV series and merchandise — a Pinecone Park empire! I’m kidding! But I do like the idea of business cards and stationary for fun.
Pinecones are natural sculptures. They have a beautiful symmetry; they are beautiful spirals, they’re also circular and they take an oval form. The individual scales also have a beautiful floral shape. My design will grow from all these shapes. And … wait for it … the deer won’t eat it! I think I’ll do an inside fence panel too.
Now I’m really excited. The project will last quite a while plus I also have the studio to set up. It’ll be finished soon. I won’t go mad this winter.

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