Monday, May 20, 2024

Sunday I Stacked No Wood

I got all the natural cover on the septic field and in the edible garden done before my Zoom meeting with my fellow BC speech impaired friends. As I trimmed it, I came upon a little cluster of Violets growing wild and so I will talk with Bronwyn about relocating them to a planter. 

It felt so, so good to not have any wood toting or stacking to do. After my 2-hour Zoom with my stuttering friends, I started weed whacking the natural cover. I left areas for the cover to go wild and grow as tall as it wants, but I clip it short in the areas closest to the house where people often walk. Plus, I really tidied up the courtyard. Finally, all the bud caps are gone!

I kept buy in the yard and gardens until 4:00, and then, it being Sunday, my day, I called it quits and chilled through the evening until bedtime.

I had planned to return to fitness today, but I ain’t gunna do it. It’s great for me in Winter when I am so idle, but it’s just too much for me when I am working all day doing physical labour, so today will be another day of work in the yard. I’m really looking forward to Bronwyn coming today. It excites me that I’ll have a partner for a bit to help me bring life back to the beds I haven’t weeded and refreshed.

It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. I hope the prognosticators are correct because I won’t have to water the beds, and tomorrow I can relax, read and let my body heal.

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