Friday, May 3, 2024

The Yurt and a Galette

Thursday was nice slow day. What a surprise, eh? Usually so many interesting things fill me life. Not! But I love days when it’s 19° and brilliant and sunny.

After a short walk with Her Highness, I hosted our STAMMA support group session because our regular leader, Tracy, was busy with preparations for her daughter’s wedding this weekend. It was a terrific session; it was much more practical and meaningful session than we’ve had on many, many months. It was all due to Betsy.

When the session was over, I did some garden work before going over to Dave and Ursula’s to see the progress on the roof rafters, and it was amazing how quickly the two of them worked. Andrew is the lead builder; Dave is the sous travailleur. While I was admiring their work, Andrew, the handsomest, sexiest man alive, asked for a galette. 

I came home to feed the brood and have lunch, and then Ron came to walk Her Highness. While they were gone, I went into the village to fetch supplies to make the galette, and once Sheba was back, I started baking. When I delivered the baked tart to them, they were thrilled, and so was I. I’m so glad to have such a warm and welcome relationship with such wonderful neighbours.

I have a very busy morning on this stunning day, but the afternoon and evening will be relaxing. We’re walking with our friends, then a fellow is coming to buy my no longer necessary lawn mower, and then I’m meeting Jay for lunch.

This is the yurt in progress. All those roof trusses went up in one day.

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