Saturday, May 4, 2024


Yesterday began with a shock. I started up my computer and it was very slow to open, so the ensuing hour and a half was spent researching how to improve function on a slow Mac, and then doing things that were recommended. One thing I did, was empty my cache, and then I shut down the computer and then restarted it.

Emptying the cache seemed to make a huge difference. My computer was running much quicker afterwards, but when I went to make my morning post on my blog, I couldn’t access it, so it took me another half-hour to figure out how to get into it. One thing after another challenged me, but eventually I got in. 

Soon afterwards, it was time for Her Highness and I to join our friends for a forest walk with dogs. And then we raced home to greet a man named Peter who’d advertised on Thursday for a second-hand lawn mower on Facebook. I jumped at the opportunity to sell mine as I no longer need it now that my lawns have gone native. Once he’d gone, I left Sheba at home and went into the village to meet Jay for lunch.

It was great to see Jay. He’s soon to be listing his house, but first, he’s going on a cruise to Alaska. Jay travels a lot. After lunch: yard work. It was lovely and warm, so I cleaned up one side of the entrance to the backyard. When you enter my yard, you can’t see my yard and gardens, so it’s always when they get to the end of the path and turn that they see Pinecone Park. Then I always get a compliment. Now, there’s a garden forming where once there were only ferns. And now, when you come through the back gate, you’re surrounded in plantings.

But I need rocks. I’ve recently taken two loads from François and Eoin’s place. They invited my ask when I mentioned being on the search for rocks. I wrote very hesitatingly yesterday, with a third request, and Eoin wrote back immediately to say yes. I feel blessed and love those two guys. I’m going to their place today to pick up the load.

It clouded over in the evening. It may rain today or tomorrow. I hope it does I put off watering some beds yesterday, hoping for rain. It’ll be good for the island, and I’ll have time to finish my book.

I went next door a couple of times to watch Andrew and Dave and see the progress. The plywood layer on the rafters is now 1/3 done, and all the joinery between the roof and the walls is done. All the pieces of the kit are numbered, making it easier for them to put all the bits together. The plan is to complete the roof and to install the interior walls inside with Andrew, and then Dave will carry on alone.

I’m going to offer to make him lunch 2-3 times a week, so he can rest during his lunch instead of making a meal and remaining on his feet. Plus, we always laugh when we’re together, so we can give his mind a rest too. There’s about 3 days of work left until lock up (minus the windows). They’re moving at an amazing pace and doing a fabulous job.

Pete and Ali came by for a walkabout and a chat on the deck—yes, a chat on the deck! And then we all went over to Dave’s so they could see Dave’s progress and swoon over the space.

The Food Truck opens May 10th. I live mid island, more or less; the food truck opens in a corner of a large grassy field, They’re open every day in the Summer, or almost every day, and on Sundays the park also hosts a fair for artisans and other food booths. And there’s still enough room for a large area hosting a dozen picnic tables or more. And there’s live music. All this, every Sunday so that’s when I go to watch everyone having a good time. Once, a friend from sailing school whom I’ve always really liked was there. She’s come on a private boat docked nearby.

What I like about doing this is being with people but not needing to talk. Sharon, the owner of the truck (and our local Woodfire Restaurant, the best place to eat on the island), she knows me and about me, and I love eating at a picnic table while silently listening and looking.

Today has dawned overcast. There may be showers. I hope there are, and I hope we get real rain as is predicted. But come Tuesday, sunny and very warm days are expected.  Next week we expect to get temperatures in the mid-to-high twenties! Woo hoo!

I think the men may work on the yurt roof. I hope they do because I love watching their progress and learning about how homes are built. I’ll also likely finish my book and, of course, I get to pick up the rocks from Eoin and François. I’m looking forward to putting them in place and seeing my new bed look finished.

Martian landscape from the Perseverance Rover

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