Monday, October 24, 2016

BAD Back (but progress on the Cardinal)

Since Friday, I’ve been cursed with severe back pain. I did it somehow while working on the cardinal dress. Yesterday the pain was relentless so I could not do much work — rather, what work I did went very slowly. In the evening, my angina was at an 8.
I am still very stiff and uncomfortable. I takes me ten minutes to put on socks. I am going for physio today.
I’m almost done with the feathers for the cardinal dress/costume. I am addicted to making them. The whole point of the dresses when I began was to get to the rote feather making — it’s what I love the most. I am soothed doing endlessly repetitive tasks — when it comes to my projects and chosen activities.
Each feather is cut from a plastic plate, folded and then flattened on the rounded (back) end. Then I use hot glue to attach it to the armature. I have glue burns as well as a tortured back as souvenirs of this dress.
My cardinal inspired creation is more a costume. It’s a very literal interpretation of a bird. And now, with the feathers on, it has some personality, but this is a dress that lacks luster without its accessories: high yellow tight boots and the hat. I’ve yet to make the hat and boots.

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