Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Purpose? Improvement?

Yesterday I saw this old man in the mirror and I asked myself, “What are you doing old man? Why are you embarking on another show the world doesn’t need?”
Then later — as can be seen in the photo on the previous post — I threw a cheap ugly feather boa from the dollar store around the neck of the dress form and instantly the dress looked much more passable as a (silly) dress for my show. With the boa, I felt I could get away without the accessories — at least for now.
I plan to make one more dress. Then I will have four finished dresses: The peacock dress, the cardinal dress, Vivicean’s bridesmaid’s dress and whatever other one I do and that will be plenty with which to give readers of my script an idea of what the show (the main concern of the script) would look like.
My next main task, therefore, is to write the script. The only point of the dress is to have something to do that gets me on my feet. Writing involves too much sitting. Once I have the script, I will have to decide on whether or not to pitch my idea to a theatre company (and which ones) or whether or not to produce it myself.
For me, writing the script means finalizing the dress choices and writing the curatorial text for each one that links the dresses to the exhibition theme.
My speech has definitely changed for the better.
For one thing, speech for me now is far less painful. I can speak quite quickly without any muscle contractions at all. I no longer staccato repeat initial sounds. Instead, I have gaps in my speech and some sounds get extended.
Instead of s-s-s-s-s-s, I now do this; ssssssssss. If I want to say the word, “suddenly,” you don’t hear a dozen “s” sounds when I start my sentence, instead you hear a protracted single “s” sound — like the sound you might make to imitate the sound of leaking gas.
Suddenly my speech is almost fluent, but with gaps and some extended sounds.
It seems quite sudden to me. It’s also interesting that it has occurred concurrent with a return to writing and making properties for a show. Otherwise put: Could my return to “working,” a return to being creative be the reason for my sudden and dramatic improvement?

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