Friday, October 7, 2016

Pacemaker: No Problem; Speech: No Problem

I don’t have family or a partner with whom to talk things through. When I suddenly started having seizures and stuttering badly, writing about it here was like therapy. It lessened the burden of support on my friends.
Seeing my electrocardiograms yesterday was shocking. The “oh no, not another fucking medical problem” felling came right away. I would not blame friends for dumping me; this is ridiculous.
However, Mr. Glass Half-Full is happier today after reading about how ridiculously simple the fix is. If I get a pacemaker, I will only be in hospital overnight. Also, the “surgery” is done under sedation and not under anesthetic.
Another thing Mr. Glass Half-Full is happier about is Rob. He texted me yesterday when I was in the waiting room and throughout the rest of the day. And then he came over in the evening.
There is a Centre of Tackyness close to the hospital: Michael’s, the arts and crafts store. I went in to see if they might carry some kind of flexible and light-weight wire in their floral department and they did so now I have the wire I need to finish the armature for my Cardinal dress.
I cut two pages from my Flame speech; now there’s less to memorize and more cohesion to the story. Also, this new way to speak without stuttering — see the video above — really works!! I cannot believe it; another handy tool.

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