Saturday, October 8, 2016


It’s absolutely pouring outside. The air is blue with rain. I went to the Farmers’ Market and it was sparsely attended; vendors thanked me for shopping in the rain. But the thing is, I wouldn’t miss it. The markets make life feel similar to when I lived in France and we’d go to market every week.
I’ve no ambition today. I neither want to memorize lines nor work on the Cardinal dress. I just keep wanting to slob out. But may go to see The Dressmaker at six o’clock. It stars Judy Davis and Kate Winslet; I can’t lose.
For the past two days my speech was really bad — so bad, I had to use my phone or Rand voice to speak. I suspect it was due to the shock/stress of hearing about the pacemaker. I love that I can now use my phone like a mirror to speak. It's such a great trick.
Another thing about my phone is this: I’ve been reading about how the phone is used to monitor pacemakers. A person with a pacemaker can use the app to make the pacemaker print out a record of your heartbeats and you can forward all the data to your monitoring clinician.  I am rather amazed.

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