Friday, October 28, 2016

I'm Not Writing About PTSD/Speech Any More!

I always need “a way in.” For each dress, some aspect of its design or construction has to excite and challenge me. Plus, I have to believe that I can do it — that I can not only make it but that it will be, in some way, beautiful. The challenge draws me in and meeting the challenge is the reward. It was iffy there for a while with the cardinal dress, but in the end I am thrilled with it.
For the bird dresses, the feathers were the attraction. For whatever reason, I love endless rote tasks like feather making; I’m addicted to finicky work. The idea to do a pearl dress came about because I have a whack of fake pearls. Since seizing on the idea, I’ve been ruminating on how to use them and today I think I may have my plan — at least a starting point.
Many of my plan As don’t work, however, so anything could happen. But the plan As get me going, the challenge keeps me at the task.
And speaking of tasks: I pretty much have my Flame talk memorized. I am thrilled about that because it means I can go on with making dresses. I am on to the pearl dress now.
The big challenge now is the mannequins. For one thing: They are expensive. The other challenge is storing them. My home is going to fill up with them as I keep going.
Cathy is in Mexico. Nicola is in Nova Scotia. Bruce is all over — London, Toronto and now New York where he will be for the election. Stephen is in Uruguay.
And I am here and the days are shorter and the rainfall is endless. Worse: I loathe TV and reading … well if I try to read I fall asleep. Hence the importance of the dresses: Working on them gives me something to look forward to every day when I get up.

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