Friday, July 23, 2021

One Week On

The weather right now is ideal. Temperatures in the low twenties, the odd cloud and a refreshing wind. It’s perfect working weather.

Yesterday was my return to gardening. I did some transplanting and then bought some plants for the garden under the trees that I’ve extended. Sadly, the landscaper I contacted hasn’t replied. I’ll find someone else to finish my work on the wasteland once Darrell has built the new fence. It felt good to be back at making Pinecone Park more colourful, and lush. I’ll likely get some more plants today to fill in my Campion Garden.

Sheba seems much better. She’s walking well and comes running when she smells food. I’m very relieved to have her full personality back. I have plans for some long trail walks together during this spectacular weather—and to take a short trip or two off the island.

I got the new plants into the gardens and then I pulled up nearly all my Strawberries. They multiply like mad and drink a LOT of water; they are almost a weed. But they’re gone now and so my Blueberries and Raspberries have no competition for water in their raised beds. It felt great to be back at work in the yard!

Late in the afternoon, I had a spa and then got started on a thorough document for the executor of my will. And here I thought I’d procrastinate! It feels good to get started. I did a lot, but there’s, of course, much more to do. As time goes by for the next while, I’ll keep adding things that I think of.

Today I’m walking with my small group and then coming home to do some more work around Pinecone Park, more reading and chillin’. It’s been a nice slow gentle week. A week ago today, I had my operation and came home in the evening.

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