Sunday, July 4, 2021

To Nanoose with Cake

Well… it took two rests to get up the Ricki Ave. hill, but I felt happy and healthy otherwise, and it always takes a few weeks to regain my strength after an attack of Prinzmetal angina. And a very good sign, was my desire to do things when I got home. I did not want to go to bed and sleep as I did on Friday. In fact, I had no naps at all yesterday and walking was quite good.

Rather than the heavy work of clearing more of the wasteland, I decided to bake a cake to take to Nanoose Bay today for my reunion with dear friends and to celebrate Dianne’s birthday. I’m spending the day with them and coming home tonight because I’m getting my second vaccination tomorrow here at the Gabe Clinic.

Yesterday I felt great to be alive, to have energy and to be over my fear of having a heart attack. I’ve resolved to talk to my doctor about a prescription for nitro glycerin pills. I think I’d prefer to have nitro on hand in the summers, because I’m certain it was the heat that did me in.

Dwight called to say that he and his family are still talking about visiting, but in August. Anytime is fine with me. If his family decide not to come, he’ll come on his own. The guy is my spiritual twin. He feels it too, and so we always have a great time together.

I’m off to Nanoose now. It’s 5:45 and the ferry leaves at 6:20. I have a bed set up in the back of the van for quiet times if I need them whilst with my buddies.

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