Thursday, July 29, 2021


It’s hot. Tomorrow’s going to be 34°! It hasn’t rained since mid-June. My trees are suffering. I strap sawed-off two-litre bottles to the trunks and fill them with water so that the water slowly seeps into the soil around the roots.

Sheba’s is now walking on the formerly grotesquely swollen foot because her other front foot is so sore from her own chewing of herself. I spent all morning in bed with her, ensuring there’s no self-harming.

Wednesday began with the horror of Sheba chewing a second paw raw. Now she has socks on two feet. I will stop at the vet today to tell them, and I’ll continue with the meds.

I was up at 4:30 yesterday, to get a lot of little errands done before, first, Jane and Dana’s visit and then dinner here with Leo, Merrill and Issa. I took the bed out of the van and set up the chairs for picking up J&D at the ferry, and I cleaned up the whole interior. I also watered the gardens and did some shopping. I was already in plenty of time for their visit.

J&D wrote to say they were catching the 10:40 ferry. Something made me look at the schedule where I discovered that there was no 10:40 ferry—just 9:25 or 11:55. So I wrote to them and they got the message nice and early and decided to aim for the 9:25 that got them here at 10:05, a lovely time of day to start our day together, before it gets too hot.

We came here and they had a coffee and we chatted for quite a while, then Jane and I went to Drumbeg for a walk. Dana stayed here with Sheba and then, when Jane and I got home, we had lunch. Then more chatter before I Zoomed with my respiration therapist (Asthma) before taking them to the ferry.

On the way home, I stopped at the vet and told Karen that Sheba went after her other foot, and I asked about the appropriateness of tranquilizers again. She’s going to have the doctor call me this morning.

Leo, Merrill and Issa arrived just after five and they brought dinner! I love these people. Our dinner was delicious, and we had a ball together.

Oh, for a good long heavy rain!

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