Monday, July 26, 2021

Sheba May be Off Me

Sunday went by very slowly because Sheba is no wanting to get off the bed. She has really hurt her foot. However, I insisted she take a short walk with me in the late morning, and then she came with me to Silva Bay to visit the Pad Tai booth at the Sunday Market there. 

It was busy and it was hot. We waited for a long time for my order. Once I got it, we got back into the car and came home. I ate it here. I’d wanted to do much more whilst there, but my poor little girl clearly wanted to get back into the car and back to our bed.

I had a really lovely visit with Leo and Merrill over the fence. And that was my day. We’re all keen for the fence. They like using my backyard like a park because their entire lot is construction. One floor of their new home is framed in already.

Today will likely be as slow and gentle as was yesterday. But I have a dentist appointment late in the morning. As much as I hate to, I will take Sheba and leave her in the car. Otherwise, I am afraid that she will get her sock off and eat more of her foot. The dentist is in the same building as the lab and the medical clinic, so I reckon that she’ll be focused on the comings and goings of people in the parking lot, and that she will leave her foot alone.

We’ve been having a sunny, warm and dry Summer. A Summer that’ll provide the images of my desire all through winter, for next Summer. 

I have latches (with bull-dog clips on them for safety) on the screen door that’s attached to my front entrance. And I open the double-doors across the house that open onto the screened porch that the cats think of as theirs. I leave the front door open, twenty-four seven, and in the evenings, it smells and feels, inside my open plan home, like we’re outdoors. I can feel the breeze some nights. And I love the golden evening light.

The only thing wrong, is Sheba. It’s creepy. She seems made at me. She turns away when I want to play with her. It’s freaking me out to feel she doesn’t trust me. It’s physically upsetting to think that I am the source of her displeasure—the chewing of her paw. 

I monitor her frequently as she sits in the yard or sleeps on the bed. She’s kept her sock on. It’s stressing me out, I’ll tell ya’. 

Today’s another day.

We’re heading into another heat wave, but in the thirties instead of the forties. This week will have me watering a lot and staying inside my comfortable and cool cabin to read and to monitor Her Highness. Plus, I go to the dental hygienist this morning. 

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Anonymous said...

there are many reasons for animals to chew their paws including food allergies - best check with doctor google - she clearly doesn't feel well - possibly a little down time needed?