Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Just Another Day

My dentist appointment yesterday didn’t happen. Their protocol is to wait to do dental work until three months after a heart attack. Sigh.

Sheba seemed more accepting of me yesterday, compared to Sunday. She seemed to have more spirit, but she is still not walking on the paw she chewed up. Yesterday, consequently, was another slow day at Pinecone Park. It’s apace I welcome. My only chore these days is watering. 

I read almost all day and finished Snow Falling on Cedars. I quite enjoyed it because so much of it was familiar to me. It is set in the American San Juan Islands which are part of the same archipelago as are our Canadian Gulf Islands where I live.

Today is yet another hot Summer day. We’ve had a glorious mid-year season this year. I, of course, spent considerable time watering the gardens this morning, then I went to a doctor appointment and did some light shopping.

The doctor confirmed for me that my crisis was, in fact, another heart attack. I’d heard other terms from doctors. More specific diagnoses, but wasn’t certain that this was in fact another M.I. 

And when I came home, I checked Her Highness’ foot. It was very, very swollen. I bathed her foot in cool water and left her to sleep. If it doesn’t go down today, I’m going to the vet tomorrow. She’s had antibiotics, so I’m concerned she has a sprain or something.

Jane and Dana are coming to visit tomorrow. We’ll have a barbeque lunch on the deck and gab fest. 

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