Thursday, July 1, 2021


Yesterday was an ideal day for working in the gardens, but I did not work. It was a day for recovery—a day to enjoy being alive and happy again. It was a mild 25° and with a slight breeze that revived my soul. I read, did some tidying in the house and in the afternoon, Her Highness and I really enjoyed a lovely leisurely walk in Drumbeg Park. Also, I spent several hours editing a memoire.

My friend, Bill, is a man of great accomplishment, He’s a quirky genius who was a great influence on me in my professional life, and a good friend. He recently sent me the first part of a memoire he’s writing that he may self-publish; it will also be an important part of the archive of the giant theatre enterprise he founded and led for forty-six years. I’m spending a lot of time editing it for him and I really enjoy the work. I put his text into a Google document so that our mutual friend, Bruce, can also get involved. We all have active access to the document online.

Today has dawned overcast. It is predicted to clear later in the day, but this morning is in stark contrast to Tuesday when it was so, so hot. I’ve been switching between editing work and gardening. Tonight, Jay, Eoin and François are coming for a barbeque on the deck.

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