Wednesday, June 30, 2021


It’s over!

I awoke in the middle of the night to turn off one fan and to put a light blanket over me, and this morning, when I got up, I put on my sweatshirt and sweatpants. It’s a wonderfully comfortable 17° instead of the 27° mornings of the past several days. And there’s a slight cooling breeze. Oh what a relief.

Fred was howling this morning and he and Ethel were racing around the house like they usually do. For the past few days, they’ve been flat on the deck, uninterested in moving or talking. And Sheba was up early and interested in eating right away. Even my plants look happy: no more droopy leaves.

It’s over and I feel great again.

Yesterday wasn’t as horrid as Monday was. Monday, the 42° day, was torture. “I’ve just got to get through today:” that’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday morning as I undertook to soak all the gardens. By 8:30 it was already 30° and I dreaded the coming heat. But it never came—at least not like it did on Monday. By 1:00 it was only 33° and it felt almost cool compared to Monday. There was a slight breeze to help me feel cool.

Merrill and Leo came for Leo’s birthday lunch in the studio, and they loved being so comfortable in the cool studio air. When they left, we marvelled at how comfortable it felt to be outdoors, compared to Monday; I knew that Sheba and I’d be back to sleeping in our regular bed last night. And … it was comfortable being in the house. 

This morning, Her Highness and I will go for our morning walk with our friends Judith and her dog, Quatro; it’ll be our first walk in four days. Sheba’s refused to walk in the heat, and I was very happy with her decision. After the walk, I’m going to go shopping in the village. I know everyone’s going to be in great spirits.

Yesterday, the B.C. government announced the lowest daily Covid-19 infection count in a long, long time. Only twenty-nine new cases! What great news! However, the government also announced that they’re blaming the heat wave for sixty-five sudden deaths. 

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