Monday, June 7, 2021


 Jess, Todd, Her Highness and I went for a good and very long walk. That was our morning, and we loved every minute of it. We came home, had lunch and they were off to the ferry, and I went to bed. All afternoon and through into the evening, I was dead tired. 

All the talking and seizures tired me out, but my God it was a lovely time we had together. It just comes at a cost. In the early evening we had rain—real rain, loud on the roof. It was great for the lawns and gardens. I went to bed early, very happy to have enjoyed the visit, and I slept later than I have slept in decades.

This morning, I got my date for vaccination number 2 (June 29) and then went on the dog walk with my friends in a wet, wet forest. We had real rain last night and lots of it. This morning there was even more, early on, but now there is lots of blue sky as well as large Cumulonimbus clouds. Today will be a day of rest.

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