Saturday, June 19, 2021

Garden Expansion

For the two weeks between the day Dr. Majic told me about my kidneys and Thrusday when he told me that it was common in men of my age and that there was nothing to worry about, I did virtually no work around Pinecone Park. The news enervated me. So, it was wonderful to feel a renewed sense of love of life yesterday. Long before our walk at nine-thirty, I’d done some weeding and added soil to the garden under the trees.

The garden under the trees was never finished. I left the back of it to blend into the wasteland; it was overgrown with Salal and (prickly) Oregon Grape, but that is now gone, and I’ve added lots of soil and lime to the ground, considerably expanding the garden. And guess what: I found a Ground Cone growing in my garden!

really enjoyed working (gently) in the yard. It is such a privilege to have so much land and, therefore, so much to do. I keep at it, but I don’t overdo it. I work at a gentle pace, and I have music playing the whole time on a radio I’m really pleased with how the expanding garden is looking, but I’ve got to get more plants. I’ll likely do that when I go to Nanaimo for my second shot, and I can pick up some cheap plants at Walmart.

I’d done quite a bit of work before Her Highness and I went for our walk—and to pick up some more bags of soil to spread onto the garden. Then I was back at work on the garden. I’ve no plans for the wasteland; I just want to tidy it up for now. It’s a part of my yard with which I’ve never done a thing, but if we put a gate in the fence between my yard and Leo’s and Merrill’s, I will want to tidy it up more.

With the great weather comes, of course, watering. It’s a gentle peaceful task; I like giving my rooted friends lots to drink. I worked pretty much all day until 4:00. It was a very good day! And I’ve lots more to do today and for the many days of sunshine coming.

Today’s dawned cloudy again. I’ll spend some of the day searching out things to sell at our neighbourhood garage sale, and I may do some work on the garden or on the curtain for the studio doors. Or, if I feel lazy because of the weather … I’ll read. 

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