Friday, June 4, 2021

A Rabbit and a Huge Owl

On yesterday morning’s walk, I had two delightful surprises. The first was seeing my first wild Rabbit here on Gabriola. It was a gorgeous and calm black beauty who was only too willing to idle with me. When I came up on him/her I stopped, and he/she settled down to munch and relax with me. I love Rabbits.

And then, a little later during my walk, I heard a cacophony of birds and knew something was up. As I got closer, I came upon an absolutely magnificent beast of an Owl, sitting on a low branch just off the trail. He had huge dark, almost black, eyes and it stopped me in my track to see him/her. I stood in awe for quite a while before moving on.

After the walk I did some shopping and then came home to water the gardens and mow the lawns. Summer is so busy! Mowing the lawns is a job I don’t enjoy because I have a gas driven lawn mower and I hate the noise it makes. It took four hours to water, mow and edge everything. I finished just after 2:00. I came indoors and drank a gallon.

The work done, it was time for a lovely (but short) rest in the sunshine, before going for our afternoon walk with Her Highness. I feel very good after a good session of work in the yard; I feel I deserve the leisurely walk and all its rewards—and a night on the couch.

I was up at 4:00 this morning, thanks to a pair of seizures. When I went outside, the sky was clear and bright with some stars still visible. By 5:00 the sky was completely overcast and we’ve gone from 20° mornings to 12° this morning—but I’m fine with the weather because I’m cooking today so that I have delicious things to serve for Jess and Todd’s visit this weekend, and I can take a break from watering the gardens.

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