Friday, June 18, 2021

Kidneys Just Old

I waited longer than usual to go for our morning walk yesterday. I wanted to feel the warm sun on my back as I walked, so I waited until it was a little higher in the sky. The day dawned so beautifully and we’re in for some really lovely weather during the coming week; I walked feeling blissful about living on this paradise of an island.

Foxgloves and oceans of Daisies are in bloom right now, and one or two Ocean Spray bushes are in bloom. Soon all the Ocean Spray will be blooming, and the forest will be full of gentle pendulous white blossoms and a fragrance as beautiful as Jasmin or Freesia. 

Her Highness and I did a noon walk so that I could leave her at home whilst I went to see Dr. Majic. When I got there, he was warm and friendly at our greeting and then he said, “What can I do for you today?”

I was shocked. I’d anticipated challenging news about my kidneys, but it turns out I was there because my sputum test was positive for Chlamydia (or Thrush as it’s called by the HIV community). So we dealt with that, and then I gave him my questions about my kidneys.

My first question was: “Do kidneys just get old and fail, or is something wrong?” It was the right question. He told me that yes, my problem was just tired old kidneys, but that they were still working, and no treatment was required. I wish he’s included that information when he told me about my declining levels. I’d been worrying, it turns out, for naught for almost two weeks.

Today, however, I’ve awakened with plans for my day of chores. I feel good to be free of concern for my kidneys and back to normal. I’m going to enjoy today and doing things in the garden and on my curtain for the door of the studio. I expect the day will go quickly and joyously until couch time in the evening.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s walk. To you, perhaps, there’re just more boring photos of Gabriola forest trails, but for me they capture the joy I feel on our walks. Walking through the forest as my start to each day is akin to beginning each day in worship in a church.

They're hard to see, but there are zillions of Daisey's in this field.

Some trails are almost covered by the giant
Ferns that are in their splendour right now.

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