Tuesday, June 22, 2021


I was a whirlwind of energy and action yesterday morning; I was up and at it at 4:15 am, revelling at the wonderfully comfortable temperature of the early morning (19°). I watered all the gardens (that takes an hour and uses a lot of water), did a load of laundry, thoroughly cleaned one bathroom, vacuumed the whole house as well as doing a myriad of other small domestic tasks—all before going on a walk with my lady friends.

When I got back from the walk, I mowed the lawns and, as I worked, I saw things to do everywhere. I desperately need to weed the front yard. Giant weeds are growing in it and I want to dig them all up and rid the lawn of Fir cones. I also edged everywhere.

I was thinking of going for an adventure to Vancouver, Victoria or the big island, but instead, I think I’ll just keep at the gardening until I get my second shot and get Pinecone Park into tip top shape. I will enjoy doing that in this ideal weather.

It took hours to mow, rake and edge the north and front lawns, and to collect all the cut grass, twigs and cones for dumping into the forest. I also weed whacked the courtyard and, by 12:30 I was exhausted. (Remember, I’d started in earnest at 4:15!) I took a break, but rather than being idle, I started typing up a list of all the books I’ve bought since I started binge reading due to the pandemic. The list will prevent me from buying books twice, which I’ve already done four (!) times.

I got a good start on the list and then went back to mowing the lawns—this time all the backyard lawns, and when that was done, at 2:00, I quit, washed and got my book and settled onto the chaise longue to read until our afternoon walk. I got a lot done and earned my rest. Whoa, I was beat when I quit. But it felt great to have had so productive a day.

Today will be like yesterday. Energized by the sun and warmth, I’ll work on the yard for as long as I can all day. It’s something I hope to do every day this week so that Pinecone Park positively shines with order and then, next week, I can have an adventure when I go to the big island for my second shot.

The first of my decent crop of Raspberries are ripe, but next year is going to be an even richer harvest because zillions of new canes have grown. And my Blueberry and Strawberry crops are going to be wonderfully abundant. I’m very glad I switched to berries from vegetables in my edible garden.

My curtain for the studio doors has been drying for two weeks and it’s still not ready to hang. Thank goodness I have mellowed with age and have the patience for this project.

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