Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Roofs Done!

I got a nice note on my blog a couple of weeks ago from a friend from high school whom I really liked. It was a lovely note, and I was thrilled to hear from him; he proposed getting together for lunch and catching up. I answered his post right away, saying how much I looked forward to seeing him again after all these years. But so far, I’ve heard nothing back.

His note didn’t provide contact information, so I wrote a letter to him at his home address (that I had courtesy our grad class list), and to his sister asking for his email address. I’ve heard not a word from either of them. It seems odd to have not heard back and I’m disappointed.

Yesterday, after a dousing of the backyard gardens, Sheba and I went for a lovely long morning sojourn in the forest. It was the finest morning walk of the year. The air was deliciously warm and fragrant with Spring blossoms, and I had all the time in the world to take in all the beauty that caught my eye.

When I came home, I watered the front and edible gardens and got directly into cleaning the last of the roofs. I was still aching from my work on the main house on Monday, but I was energized by the knowledge that it was the end of the work. I was on the roof again, not working from a ladder, and the work went decently quickly. 

Doing anything is thoroughly enjoyable on as brilliant a Summer-like day as was yesterday (at 4:00 pm, it was 29°). But man-oh-man I felt good when the work was done! That’s one huge job finished! It was real work; now I can get back to the more recreational ‘work’ of gardening and puttering at little jobs. 

And today’s going to be just like yesterday. I have all my doors and windows open: they are screened so that the cats stay in, but the kitties have their cattery on the back deck to enjoy and they are in it all day. I’ll be taking it easy today, just puttering around the gardens, cleaning some windows and planting some of the Ivy I’ve rooted.

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