Thursday, June 17, 2021

The World's Biggest Asshole (Short Film)

This issue with my kidneys makes this advert a little more significant now from when I first saw it years ago.

By the time I left to go for our first walk yesterday, the sky had cleared, and the welcome sunshine started drying everything, making the forest look like it was on fire as water vapour oozed from the ground, branches and foliage. It was magical. I came home high on nature love, the sunshine and the prospect of a great, great day.

I puttered around for a while after the walk, ordered more charcuterie from Tofino, read some, and then I made lunch before Skyping with Dianne. We talked for an hour-and-a-half, then Sheba and I went for our second walk. After that, a spa. Mmmmm! Then some couch time.

Today we’ll walk and then I’ll do some gardening before going to see my GP, who called me in making me a little nervous about what’s in store. However, I’m also relieved to be getting passed this experience and knowing more about my kidneys—assuming it’s about my kidneys.

The US Supreme Court found in favour of the Catholic Church in its fight with the city of Philadelphia. The city had stopped referring foster children to them because the Catholics refused to allow LGBT parents to foster children. The court, sanctioning discrimination, is disgusting, but worse is these fucking Catholics, yet again, fighting to stay bigoted. As the bodies found from the Residential school in Kelowna revealed: For the Catholic Church, the needs of children don’t matter. 

It’s a beauty of a day, here in paradise, and so I’ll be out in the gardens today. I’ve lots to do. I hope my energy lasts long enough for me to get a decent amount of work done.

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