Monday, June 28, 2021

HOT HOT HOT!!! 40°

Sheba does not want to rise on these hot mornings. She is uncharacteristically lethargic. She wouldn’t go outside or for a walk. All she did all day was lie on the bed, and she wouldn’t eat or drink. When She finally did drink, she threw up. At 5:00 it was 40° and I was miserable too—not in the mood for entertaining, but Paula arrived right on time for dinner, and we had a nice visit on the deck.

Three—count ‘em‑three giant Pileated Woodpeckers came to my feeder yesterday afternoon. I took it personally and felt highly honoured. It was a mother who gorged herself on my suet, and then fed her two children. They ate, they drank and then off they went.

It was 40° late yesterday afternoon. Today is expected to be even hotter. Honestly, I am dreading the day. I’m going to spend most of it in the studio which stays cooler, but this morning I have to take my car to the automotive shop for a new battery first. The studio is saving my sanity and Sheba loves its cool floor. Tomorrow will be hot as well, but come Wednesday, it’s predicted to stay in the mid-twenties, and that’s much more tolerable.

Hoorah! Sheba drank water this morning and ate her food. I am so, so relieved. She is profoundly important to me. I’m going to keep her with me in the studio today and tomorrow while I read. It’ll be a relief to her if we isolate there. And we’re going to sleep in the studio tonight; I think that’ll save us. 

The big accomplishment of yesterday was getting the old decrepit part of the fence down. Kevin took all the wood and helped me put up a temporary wire fence to keep Deer out of my yard. Leo and I are going to try to install the new fence once the pre-fabricated sections are in stock at the local lumber yard.

I’ve been trying to get to Vancouver to see my friends, John and Bunny, but the ferry line ups and delays are making me re-think that plan. Judith, with whom I dog walk three days a week, had to go to Nanaimo for her shot and it took nine hours return. Right now, three sailing waits for the ferry are normal. 

Getting off the island is easier if one is prepared to take the 5:45 am ferry. But getting back is a brutally long and hot wait. And it’s similar with the ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay. It’s very, very busy—and expensive—so I may wait a while to go to the big smoke. When the US and inter-provincial travel open at the end of July, there may not be the tourist frenzy around our islands in the Salish Sea. 

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