Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A Killer 42°

Thank God I rebuilt my studio. Sheba and I stayed in it all day yesterday and she came back to normal. I read almost an entire book and never produced not one drop of sweat … I wore the same shirt all day. All the stores are closing. I have to water my plants in pots three times a day.

Today is going to be more of the same, but a tad cooler. At 5:00 yesterday, it was 42° here … in the shade! I pray today will be easier on us; I’ll again pass my day in the studio, and Merrill and Leo are joining me in there for lunch to celebrate Leo’s birthday. How lucky am I to have these neighbours? I feel extremely comfortable with them and very, very fond of them, and little Issa and their dog. We love that the fence is down. We talk every day, and we are very keen about our future with our friendship gate.

Our weather was the lead story on PBS’ BBC news broadcast yesterday. One more day: today. Tomorrow, the predicted high is 29°; that’s still hot, but it’s a long way from 40°! Lytton, BC, up the #1 highway from Vancouver, reached 48° yesterday! It’s ridiculous.

Today, finally, I get the new battery I need for my car, and I’ll be mobile again and able to go to the beaches. The car has sat idle in my driveway for the past few days, hooked up to a trickle charger. I’ve not used it. So today is a big day! I get to go shopping! Other than that, I’ll be watering my gardens a lot today.

I never want to experience this kind of heat again. Thank God, I moved here and I did not spend this heat wave in a concrete tower in downtown Vancouver. I feel for my poor pets. They've all shown signs of utter surrender. One more day.

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