Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sheba is Better

I was out in the front garden weeding at 6:30 yesterday morning.  It was easy work, but I came back in sweating like a racehorse. However, with that job done, I am ready to start working on the wasteland. It scares me how much work there is to do on this project, but I’m committed now. First though, was taking Her Highness, she with the sore paw, to the groomer. And while she got groomed, I did some shopping. Then it was home and time to start grooming land filled with weeds, rotting stumps of removed trees and nasty prickly vines.

Merrill and Leo’s building permit was finally approved, so today they are pouring the foundations; building in earnest begins. They are to the east of me, and to the west, my new neighbours are in the process of applying for their permit to build. They hope to begin building in August or September, but if their permit takes as long as M&L’s, they may not be building until next season.

I dropped Her Highness off with Sarah and came home to start on the wasteland. Miracle of miracles, I am enjoying the work! It’s in the shade (every day is getting hotter; Sunday is predicted to be 36°), and it’s cleaning up nicely. In places, there is six inches of dried Fir needles and cones. I scoop it up, fill the wheelbarrow and dump it in the forest. This is work I did not want to do, but I am thrilled to find myself really enjoying it. I go at a comfortable pace.

When I picked up Sheba, she was walking better. Sarah found a sharp little rock in her paw that I couldn’t see due to the matting of the hair on her paw. She got it out and now Sheba is walking much better. I put antibiotic cream on the wound last night and her sock on her paw. I’m so glad to know what the problem was and that the stone is gone.

Then it was back to work on the wasteland. The work is going well, but I should not work for a while after lunch because all the bending over gives me trouble with acid reflux. Still, great progress has been made. It’s going much quicker than I thought it would. Once I get all the crap off the surface of the wasteland, I’ll have to cover the entire area with (expensive) fresh soil.

In the evening, I watered all the gardens so that this morning I could get right back to work on the wasteland. That’s what I’ll do all day today. Woo hoo!

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