Sunday, June 27, 2021

Fence Coming Down

I wore my “Mute” shirt and had a pad and pen at the ready for the garage sale yesterday. Altogether, six households were involved. I was grateful to be able to be with Shelly and Kevin who volunteered to speak for me. I hope to unload some large items (my deck heater, an electric oil heater and my mini freezer) so I loaded them and everything else into my van and then discovered that my car wouldn’t start. Damn! Thankfully, Kevin came over with his truck, so we transferred everything into it, and I went and got set up in his and Shelly’s driveway.

I didn’t sell much. Shelly did. She had lots of cheap useless items and lots of old bedding, and her stuff went, I think, very well. She bought my sewing machine, two shoulder bags I had, and some fine marijuana that I bought before I quit last December. I sold two outdoor light fixtures I’d removed from here, one mannikin and my mini freezer. And Shelly is going to post photos of my overhead deck heater, and an electric oil heater on the Gabriola marketplace forum on the community Facebook page. Ultimately, they may sell, too.

At 11:30, I bailed on the sale and came home and went to bed. The heat is really tiring me.When I awoke, I went to Kevin’s and loaded everything back into my van—it started because I used my trickly charger to re-charge the battery. Thank God it wasn’t something else. It was 1:00 and 35° and I had absolutely no energy for working in the yard. I did manage to unload the crap in the van, but once done, I was back inside lying under the fans. 

At 3:30, it was 39°! I got the hose, put it into the hot tub and turned it on full. I used the other hose to siphon off some of the hot water and sucked the dead bees and Fir needles out of the tub. I then got into the spa and sat in the warm water and put the hose over my head. I got the temperature down four degrees; I’m going to do it again today, and make my hot tub a place to cool down in Summer.

It’s just extremely hot. At least it’s a dry heat. Afterwards, I sat in the house in front of a fan. I went for a little stroll in the garden, because Kevin is coming over to help me take down the old fence between my place and Merrill’s and Leo’s. I’m going to build to build a small deck where the gate will go with some of the wood, and Kevin wants all the rest. I like and trust Kevin and Shelly; they’ve become true friends.

The car battery is, I reckon, dead. So, I cancelled the booking I had for my second vaccination on Tuesday in Nanaimo and booked one here at the Gabriola clinic on July 5th. I was worried that the battery could not be replaced, and the wiring checked (for rodent damage) as well, in time to go to Nanaimo on Tuesday. The local shop is always busy. But for now: No car.

The heat is smothering. It may reach 40° today and Monday. For me, it’s just not at all pleasant. For Kevin, it’s heaven. 

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