Wednesday, June 9, 2021


There was thunder and lightning last night and lots of rain; all day had been lovely. The rain thundered on my metal roof. I loved it. It’s Spring, when weather changes frequently. I was tempted to light the fire but didn’t. I’ve been over-doing fires; I’m a fire addict. Even without it, however, there’s no better place to be during a thunderstorm than in a log home in a forest that has nice big windows.

I did nada all day except walk Her Highness and read, and that’s what I’m likely to do today, but I may do some work on the outside plastic ribbon curtains for the studio windows. It’s creative and practical work that I enjoy doing. And I’ll be Zooming with my Asthma doctor whom I adore.

Another thing about yesterday is that it was the six-month anniversary of my not having smoked any Marijuana. I’ll never be going back to it smoking it; I’m certain of that after the horrid lung infection I got last month that reminded me of how awful being unable to breathe is.

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