Sunday, July 25, 2021

Idle Classic Summer Days

Nothing! I have an empty mind and an uninspired body. Hence, I have nothing to report here that’s of any interest. My incision reminds me to stay loose and so all yard and garden work is going undone—except watering.

And I read and read and read, just like when I was in the hospital.

Sheba is a bit of a wreck. I’ll likely be binding her right forepaw for a long time, to keep her from chewing on it. Yesterday and today, she appears to be in too much pain to walk. These days of rest should help her foot heal though, so we can start doing long walks together.

Jane and Dana called and may come to visit on Wednesday. I’d love them to come. They are great friends and some variety to endless hours of reading would be welcome.

This afternoon, we might go to Silva Bay together later in the day, to have lunch there and watch the people.

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