Monday, July 5, 2021


Us, yesterday, on the deck. Geezer city, eh?

Yesterday was quite a day. I was up very early to load up the car, walk Sheba and then to catch the 6:20 ferry—the only ferry for which I had a chance of catching and avoiding a long wait. My plan worked perfectly. 

I did some shopping and then headed up-island to Nanoose Bay but, not wanting to arrive too early, Sheba and I went to Moorcroft Park and passed some lovely time in that beautiful place on the coast before going to Diann’s rented cabin at 10:30. I must say, I felt very weird visiting someone in the morning, but she and her daughter, Ashlee, were happy to see me.

We had a nice visit, just the three of us, and then we had lunch before more chatting. At three the other birthday guests arrived for more chatting before dinner just after five (that was delicious). And at 7:00 I headed back, arriving at the ferry terminal, just to see it leaving. I was first in line for the next ferry.

It came at 8:45 and it was a truly lovely Summer night. The sky was rose/Lilac, the sea was flat and the temperature was nice and warm but, on the sea, there was a fresh breeze. We arrived home just past 9:30. I fed the happy, hungry cats and then we all went to bed.

This morning I wrote to my doctor because I am still terribly weak. I feel fine unless I walk too far or have to climb stairs or an incline—any exertion exhausts me. I wrote to ask what to do if I have another attack, if there’s been any advancements in treatment of Prinzmetal attacks in the thirty years since my last attack, and if this weakness is permanent or if I will recover.

I feel my future is compromised. Each attack leaves a scar of dead tissue on my heart. This was my third attack and a cardiac emergency in India years ago, may have been a fourth, so I figure my heart is now pretty compromised and that’s why I am so tired all the time and unable to do much. But … I’m alive, I can eat and do mild chores, but my days of cleaning the roofs or stacking wood are done.

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