Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to Bed

Another dive. My breathing collapsed again.

Asthma is a challenging disease. Every day—sometimes many times a day—I measure my breathing. I have a meter into which I blow with all my might to know how many litres of air per minute I am capable of expelling. (Asthma makes it hard to exhale; inhaling remains easier.) I can instantly understand the degree of air restriction caused by my asthma and I can adjust the volume of my medications accordingly.

The trouble I have with this attack can, at least partly, be attributed to my lack of understanding of how to medicate myself. Yesterday, my respiratory therapist recommended I take 400% more medication per dose and I have awakened today much MUCH better. My mystery drug is a steroid.  I feel Like Lance Armstrong. Tomorrow, walking will resume, but modestly.

Thanks to this attack, I now have my doctor's cell phone number and in September I may learn what my major triggers are. I am more prone to attacks in summer whereas most asthmatics have their problems in winter.

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