Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday: I Never Tire of the Seawall

Serious walking calves!

Tuesday began with a LOT of marking. This term I have seventeen students and each week they have between one and three quite simple assignments and that means I have to write seventeen short essays every week. Teaching is nothing like it was when I was a student.

Marking today involves:

  • reminding students of the assignment
  • explaining the purpose of the assignment
  • reminding students of the value of the assignment (its weight in final assessments)
  • an explanation of the marking the criteria
  • critical assessment of the submission
  • the numerical mark
Plus students mark me at the end of the course and their evaluations are done without me in the class and they are submitted directly to my boss. 

Once all my marking was done. I was out the door to walk familiar territory: the seawall. I will never tire of it nor the smell of the sea. And I routinely see otters.

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