Saturday, July 13, 2013

My friend David was due today at 12:15 and I was very excited about meeting him and, perhaps, walking to the airport in the wonderful morning air—I discovered the Canada Line subway bridge has a pedestrian sidewalk underneath it. But David arrived yesterday; he made a mistake reading his ticket. So today was free for me to do anything and I chose to do a traditional walk to UBC for a rest on the beach and then a walk home.  I only walked as far back as Macdonald and then I took the bus for the last bit.

I get antsy at the beach and after only a brief time resting, I am itching to get my fabulously comfortable shoes back on my feet that never hurt anymore and walk. Walking is like a drug and today the kilometres flew by like miles on a highway when you get lost in your thoughts and do not notice the driving and the scenery.

Last night and yesterday afternoon was a bit shocking. I felt tired walking in New West and Queen's Park and I have never felt tired before when I am walking. Then, last night after dinner, I tried to watch a program I had recorded and I could not stay awake so I went to sleep at 9:00 pm!

Normally I sleep five hours a night. Last night I slept eight. I only do that once or twice a year.

 A hot afternoon on the bus coming home.

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