Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pot Pourris

My day began with an email from a student who revealed an astounding history. We will have lots to discuss on Sunday when I meet him for coffee to help him catch up with what he missed last class. Over the years, I have had such an amazing array of experiences and emotions as a result of relationships from the classroom. I sometimes think of teaching as speed dating because of the emotional outcomes and because so many students are mature.

Then I walked to North Vancouver, up the Trans Canada Trail connection and when I got to Edgemont Village where I was to meet two friends for lunch, I was early so I bathed in the warmth and beauty of "The Prodigal Daughter," by Jill Lapore in the New Yorker with Burt and Ernie on the cover.

Then I came back into town, on the bus, to join the local car co-op! New adventures await. I have been figuring how to get up the mountains where I can walk in the local wild.

The himalayan blackberry crop is maturing.

Even dandelions are stunning in a "meadow."

 Sites like this make my heart beat fast.

 Pristine water but no fish. When I rented a house in France a few summers ago, I noticed that even the ditches had fish—zillions of them. They were little tiny fish like the sticklebacks we have in the sea here.

I loved this old fire escape in the historic Rogers Building.

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