Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday: Magnificence!

Today was spectacular. It was as good as life gets. I walked through town, leaving at 9:30 am and took the Seabus to North Van and walked from the terminal west to the Capilano River. Heaven! I walked up a fabulous trail—well groomed, not a difficult rise and spacious. It runs right beside the river much of the way.

At th e top of the trail I chose was the Capilano Dam. I haven't been there since I was a kid and it was just wonderful to be back on trails I remember with my first brat pack. I crossed the dam and walked down Capilano Canyon Drive to Edgemont and then east on Edgemont where I was able to surprise to friends who work there.

From there east along Queens to the Mosquito Creek canyon and down the trail in that canyon to Marine drive and back to the Seabus and home. I was on my feet until 3:30. It was an exquisite day topped off with a happy hour stroll with dear friend Kelly and then supper together. I can hardly wait for a nice glass of wine in the sun before we eat.

While walking in North Van along Marine Drive I had to stop at a cross walk and across the street were two classic Mormons. I was surprised they addressed me when I reached them, but they did. So I said, "LOVE the musical but not the faith. Have a good day." They were pleased I liked the musical.

The mouth of the Capilano river is where I began.

There were lots of places to pause.

 Are these not gorgeous greens?!

 Fat arms; lean legs.

 The trail rises up the canyon.

 Trail elegance.

Beautiful eh?

It really is a rain forest!

The reservoir.

The spillway.

Above & below is a little house on Cap Road that has neither driveway or entrance sidewalk. Hansel and Gretel live here.

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