Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feeding a Small Village

I could feed a small village with what I am coughing up. I lived 63 years without thinking about my lungs but now I think about them every day.

I have been housebound but as of Friday, I started venturing out for short excursions for my sanity. It has not rained yet in July. Summer is in full bloom and the bloom is parched. I have spent a lot of time reading friend, Beth's, memoir in draft form.

 I got vertigo sitting in my living room watching this guy.

This former Thai restaurant that was gorgeous and expensive closed ages ago and signs indicating that Vickram Vij had bought it went up 2 years ago. FINALLY, reconstruction is beginning and soon one of our best restaurants may have a site with new policies. I will NOT patronize the fabulous original because you have to wait SO long to get in. I will not support these kind of no-reservation popular restaurants. Life is too short to wait for ages for food. This construction is welcome news; it gives me hope.


The reason I love coming home.

 West End home.

Fire escape.

 These stunning blue thistles attract bees like mad.

 I just LOVE many public stairs. In Europe, so many are used as seats and are expansive like our stairs at the head of False Creek. But stairs that descend to the beach is like stairs to heaven for me.

I love that the Park Board is not cutting many lawns.

Yesterday, during a brief walk to the park and back, I saw this huge owl in the trees. He looked to be about 80 cms high.

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