Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sunday in the Park & With Chris A.

Sunday I was out the door early for a morning walk. It was delicious to be on the seawall and in the park when there were so few people up and at play. I wanted to walk early because the afternoon was dedicated to a surprise birthday party for my friend Chris who is in palliative care right now. It was HOT HOT HOT today. 

Who'd think of a shirt like this? Who'd make it? Who'd buy it? Who'd ear it? What kind of woman will walk with a man who wears a shirt like this? Is this funny? 

The summer f lowers are putting on a magnificent display. I love the structural digitalis plants.
Glorious colour.

Real blackberries are hard to find in the wild but I know were lots of little crops of them grow in the park. My eyes are tuned to them. They are slightly bitter and have the flavour of ten berries from the plant below.

Himalayan blackberries are everywhere. They are an invasive species that everyone thinks are just "blackberries." They are sweet and grow into mountainous bushes.


Gunera leaves fascinate me. I put a $20 bill on this one so you might have an idea of the size.


Camellia leaves shine like wax.

Hostas leaves look like wrinkled old men.

Acanthus is one of our older plants on earth and they are the inspiration for the design of the crown of Corinthian columns (below).

The Sylvia is without doubt the hotel with the most soul in Vancouver.

Mary-Lou and Chris.

The famous Bon Ton Diplom,at Cake. It is all butter and DELICIOUS but they spelled Chris's last name wrong. 

Our gang.

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